3 Mar 2014

Sugar and Gram Dal Prices Register Declining Trends

The retail and wholesale prices of sugar across selected centers have shown declining trends during last three months across the main market centers in the country. 

As on February 2, 2014. The average wholesale price of sugar as on 12.2.2014 was Rs. 3168 per quintal, down from the one year back price of Rs. 3519 per quintal. Similarly, the retail price of sugar has also declined to Rs. 34 per kg. from Rs. 37 per kg during the corresponding period. Last month the retail price was Rs. 35 per kg. 

The sugar production during 2013-14 is expected at 251lakh tonnes, much above the projected consumption demand of 235 lakh tonnes. In addition, around 92 lakh tonnes of opening stock of sugar is also available.

The average wholesale and retail prices of gram dal have declined sharply as on 12.2.2014 compared to previous year. 

Wholesale price has declined to Rs. 4155 per quintal from Rs. 5536 per quintal and retail price has also declined to Rs. 46 per kg. from Rs. 60 per kg during the corresponding period. Production of gram during 2013-14 is expected at 9.79 million tonnes, which is 14% higher compared to 8.57 million tonnes during 2012-13. 

Therefore the prices of gram may be softening further or stable. Prices of arhar dal also remained stable during last three months.

Prices of twenty two essential commodities are regularly monitored by Department of Consumer Affairs for taking suitable action to keep the prices under check. 

These commodities include Rice, Wheat, Atta, Gram Dal, Tur (Arhar ) Dal, Urad Dal , Moong Dal, Masur Dal, Sugar, Gur, Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Vanaspati, Sunflower Oil, Soya Oil, Palm Oil, Tea, Milk, Potato, Onion and Salt . 

Price datas are collected on daily basis from the State Civil Supplies Departments of the respective State Governments. 

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